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Kelsi & Derek

A husband & wife duo local to Wisconsin who specializes in bringing creative ideas to life with cinematography. 

Our love story is quite typical to the generation we live in now. We flirted a little on our Instagram stories, ran into each other on Tinder, then set up a date where we talked for over 4 hours at a sports bar/restaurant.


However, what separates us is that we both were at the point in our dating careers where we wanted a true relationship. No flings, no more quick heartbreaks, and no more dates-after-dates just to be disappointed. We weren’t looking for what most people wanted in their early 20’s. We thrived to find the forever person. This is what most of our 4-hour, first date conversation was about. We both knew the other was special and different from the rest, in the best way possible. 


Fast forward over three years and we now have a house in Appleton, a dog named Autumn Lilly, and we got married in October of 2021!

Meet The Team



the creator 

Hey! Derek here. My passion for making creative content started senior year of high school. I loved the idea of capturing video and constructing it in a way that created emotion for the viewers. I loved basketball, so I made basketball highlight reels. This is where my passion took off which led me into a job in college for UW-Green Bay Athletics as a Digital Media & Video Production Specialist. I loved it, but knew that sports wasn’t going to be my lifelong career in this business. I then got hired from the gym I was working at as a Content Creator. This made me realize how much I love making videos to boost a business’s marketing agenda. It’s so much fun to sit down with business owners, hear their story, listen in on what the brand is all about, and creating a visual experience to share with the world. I then took this passion and started making wedding videos for friends and family. What a better way to take my desire for telling stories with visual art than to express the love of two individuals on the most important day of their life? So, that is the story of how I got my passion for constructing content for businesses and creating wedding videos. 



the organizer

Hi! Kelsi here. The organized one. I’ve always been someone to have a consistent daily routine and makes sure there is structure in everyday life. That’s where I come into play with our business. When it comes to keeping up with the website, responding to emails, and scheduling shoots, I will always be on top of that. Derek will work his video magic and I’ll be sure he knows what to do and when to do it. On top of that, I’ve also had an obsession with wedding videos. A lot of my free time in college was spent with my two roommates, on the couch, pathetically sobbing at other couples’ wedding videos on YouTube. There’s something about watching a film that captures the true emotion of a day that is dreamt of by brides’ since they were little girls, which is exactly what I did. This also helps with our business because I know all the creative shots that made me emotional watching videos that I can recommend Derek to get during his wedding shoots. All of my strengths mixed with his strong suits make us the perfect team for this company.



the cuddler

Bark! Autumn Lilly here! I clearly have the most important role of this business. If my parents are working too hard, I’m here to remind them to take a break to play with me or bring me outside! On top of that, my profession is a licensed cuddler. Although I can’t be their when mom and dad are out working in the field, I like to think I keep them in line when working from home. Feel free to give my parents a tip with treats and toys!


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