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Just two Wisconsinites who met at the gym and then spent four hours at a bar falling head over heels for each other. We got married in October of 2021 and have been enjoying every minute of married life. We love spending time with family, working out, and playing with our dog Autumn. 



Let’s address the elephant in the room.

You’re probably wondering, “Do they know creative is spelled with a ‘C’ and not a ‘K’?” I promise you, we both passed elementary school. We did this to add more meaning to the name of the brand because it creates our initials for Derek and Kelsi. So there’s a trivia question and answer for you. 


Now that that’s out of the way. Digital Kreatives is a company that has two agendas: First, to help business’s take advantage of the growing market in the digital field and to bring their brand to life. Second, to tell the story of a couples’ most important day in the most creative and memorable way possible. That’s pretty much it; having fun, being creative, and telling stories for people with content!


"Derek and Kelsi were so wonderful to work with throughout our wedding process. Their kindness, professionalism, flexibility, and phenomenal quality of work for our wedding video and raw footage was evident throughout our experience working with them!" 
-Erin & Patrick

What is it like to work with Derek & Kelsi?

When you hire us, we take pride in the fact that you and your significant other trust us to capture the special moments of your big day. 


Not only do we provide great quality for an affordable price, but it’s the small things about Digital Kreatives that truly make a difference. 


We are respectful and courteous with the other vendors, we work VERY well with the photographer(s), we will make sure to help out in any way to make your day go smoothly in between getting our shots, and we truly have YOUR best interest in mind on YOUR day! 


Some advice coming from a married couple would be to make sure you try to complement your significant other’s weaknesses. This is why we have different roles at Digital Kreatives. Kelsi is the organized one, which means she handles the initial communication with you, writing up the contracts, website design, handling the social media accounts, and even assisting the Wedding Planner when help is needed! Derek is the brains behind the videos. His several years as a content creator gives him the creative expertise during your day and in the editing process to ensure every important moment is captured and portrayed in the final product!


We can’t wait to work with you! 


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